Land Record Search

The Land Record system in Indian subcontinent is almost 476 years old credited to the name of Mughal ruler Sher Shah Suri, who introduced the patwari system. As the years passed by the upcoming rulers and the Indian government played a very vital role in reforming this system. Things were further sorted when computers hit subcontinent thus brought a big change to how records were maintained earlier. The Computerisation of Land Records (CLR) is one of the earliest initiatives of e-Governance in India, at the grass-root level. The focus of the entire operation has always been to employ state of art information technology (IT) to galvanize and transform the existing land record system of the country.

Further central government made different societies at the state level to facilitate the people further. Punjab Land Records Society is a society established by the Government of Punjab to formulate strategies, polices, plans and to assist the State Government and Government of India in the effort to provide efficient and prompt services in the public matters This Society is a State level body being constituted specifically to manage the Land Records in all its.

Now if we talk about local people or residents of India things are still in their reach as they have to deal with the system on a daily basis but when things come to people residing outside India, system gets complicated as the know how is less and they are dependent on strangers to guide them right. It is not always necessary that NRIs don’t get good legal advisors but at the same time the process is so long that they give up. Sometimes they don’t even hold the papers or have enough knowledge about the properties they or their ancestors possessed and are reluctant to travel for the same. This is where NRI SERVICES drop in to help such NRIs find and provide legal help in all the property matters. The primary objective of NRI Services is to oversee, monitor and keep all the possessors well informed about their properties.

This service aims at:

  • Ensuring efficient, accurate, transparent delivery mechanism and conflict resolution in ownership.
  • Finding the lost record about the ownership of a land.
  • Information empowerment of land owners.
  • Low cost and easily reproducible data for reliable and durable preservation.

We assist our clients in all the crucial aspects related to import- export issues, owing to our in-depth understanding of diverse industrial regulations and norms.