Property Consultancy and Legal Services

India is one of the developing countries growing at a rapid speed, real estate sector being a major contributor towards it. The property rates in India is at a big boom which is why along with the residents many NRI’s and even other nationals are investing in big amount. Especially people who have settled abroad certainly have some immovable property in India. It could be an ancestral land or house or a self-acquired piece of land or a flat. But are they really aware of their rights and responsibilities towards that very owned piece of land. Most of the people who go abroad usually ask their families or friends behind to take care of the same. Some even make a lease n prefer keeping tenants so that it can account for some income. It is Very common for relatives/friends and tenants to take undue advantage of the absence of an NRI in India. They know it is difficult for an NRI to make frequent visits and supervise the case personally. Some of the relatives or friends have even made these non-residents sign some papers (stating that it is an document to be used in their absence to look after the property), have had the property of the NRI’s transferred in their names, illegally occupy their lands, give wrong information about the documentation done regarding the land etc.

Other case may be where usually people are aware of the land or any property which their ancestors owned in India but does not have the knowhow of it. Most of the overseas citizens of India are heirs to a piece of land or property in India owned by their parents, grandparents or great grandparents. Only handful has documents of the inherited property, a few would know the details and many know only the area it is located in.

NRI Services offers services to search and gather all the information/documents pertaining to the ancestral property and help you understand the status of your title to the property. With the substantial knowledge and experience we offer assistance on buying, selling and renting real estate to individuals, real estate developers, landlords etc. Belonging to the legal fraternity, we duly realize the dynamics and volatility connected with real estate practice in India and thereby our endeavour is to inform our client regarding risks, technicalities and legal considerations involved in the transactions.

Our real estate services include:

  • Identification on buyer and seller
  • Preparation and evaluation of documents also ensuring proper execution and delivery
  • Negotiation, drafting and reviewing sale and purchase agreement
  • A through physical inspection of property
  • Representation before various authorities such as Sub Divisional Magistrate, Registrar, Courts etc
  • Litigation
  • Transfer and partition of land and property
  • Landlord or tenant dispute
  • Legal and government formalities
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Succession certificates
  • Renovation or restoration
  • Home insurance and many more

Along with the property consultancy we also Provide Legal Assistance regarding Property, Wills, Dual Citizenship and Immigration. Our Legal Experts provide expert advice and consultancy on matrimony and Divorce issues, Taxation and also on Power of Attorney. We solicit queries concerning legal matters throughout India especially in north India.

We provide innovative solutions in a practical, constructive, beneficial, business-oriented manner and ensuring our client is given the best possible prices. Fees for our services are lower than most of the local service providers in the respective fields in India e.g. real estate agents, lawyers etc. Since we customize/personalize our services to client specific needs, we do not have a one-price fits all approach.