Will Advisory

One wants to make sure that the life he has led has been meaningful and dignified in all aspects. A person, who owns property in any form, is definitely concerned about his property after his demise. A Will is an important document which enables the individual /any living person to rightfully leave his assets and wealth to whoever he chooses to, after his death. In a way a person can ensure that his wishes with respect to his assets and property are followed after his death. There often arise complexities when a person dies without a Will. It is a little effort that goes a long way, not leaving our family in any kind of turmoil, after our death. Some people execute writings, prepared by themselves or with the help and advice of well-meaning friends or relatives. Often, these turn out to be useless in law during implementation, after the death of the person. The crux is that the absence of a will or the invalidity of a will or parts of a will often generates problems for the legal heirs and successors.

After the death of a person his property dissolves in two ways:

  • Law of succession: The laws of inheritance are diverse and complicated. The rules of distribution of property in case a person dies without making a will are defined by every Law of succession. These rules provide for a class of persons and percentage of property that will be inherited by such persons. It must be remembered that it is preferable that one should make a will to ensure that one’s actual intension is manifested. It often happens that, due to ignorance of law, people fail to make a proper, enforceable will. Consequently, confusion ensues and often, the rightful heirs do not receive their fair share
  • By the way of will: In India has a well-developed system of succession laws that governs a person’s property after his death. The Indian Succession Act 1925 applies expressly to wills and codicils made by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and Christians but not to Mohammedans as they are largely covered by Muslim Personal Law.

Making of a will is an important affair as it can save a lot of head banging among the family and the interest of the demised is easily understood by the will he/she created. But each country has a different set of rules and regulations one has to abide while framing a will. Usually Indian NRIs have immovable property or other assets that they want to distribute among their family but most of the time they are misguided and the legal heirs go bare hands. Thus at NRI services we make sure that every paper going into work abide the laws and satisfaction of our clients is our topmost priority. Fees for our services are lower than most of the local service providers in the respective fields in India. We solicit queries concerning legal matters throughout India especially in north India.